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i can’t take liam seriously with his beard that long sorry

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But like doesn't he want to spend time with his boyfriend ? I know they are gonna be on tour together but they won't have alone time together for a long time! If it was me I would spend these few days with my boyfriend and have a lot of sex !



PEOPLE PLEASE. Seriously now. Come the fuck on.

Life doesn’t work like that. Showbiz doesn’t work like that. Relationships don’t work that way.

Are you serious about this?

Firstly, YOU DO NOT KNOW with who and when and how and where he spends his free time. You see ONLY what they let you see.

Secondly, a funny and healthy fact: You do not need to spend 24/7 attached to your partner’s hip.

Thirdly, they have a job and contractual provisions to fulfill. This is not a kindergarden shit, they have a real life job. If that includes fan duty, stunts and all the shit I genuinely hate, it is still their job.

And please, spare me with the consistent drama. In the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you think or want or hope. It is not up to you. Or me. There is one’s tattoo that comes to my mind: IT IS WHAT IT IS.

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@fivesossummah: FiveSOSUpdates @5SOSWWReports for any update accounts that like Harry styles (my dad met him at LAX airport) http://t.co/h8kSurQGb1

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Niall confirmed that the setlist floating around is fake (x) 

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american person: *writes date*
me: but there is no 15th month
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1D Monthly Video Masterlist - December 2010 (Post X-Factor)


December 17

December 18

December 19

I don't caaAAAaaAaaAre
Zayn Malik
srry dont care
29,693 plays

how i feel about everything

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important questions to ask future friends/life partners 

  • are you a louis girl?
  • who’s ur number 5?
  • ziall or zouis?
  • what are your thoughts on louis?
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